Consider a dataset given of points without any label, the dataset looks difficult to understand and do further processing. So it becomes crucial to group the data in a set of features. Here the role of the K-Means Algorithm comes into play.

K-Means Algorithm

K-Means Clustering is an unsupervised learning algorithm that is used to solve clustering problems in machine learning or data science by creating a partition of n observations into k clusters where each observation belongs to the cluster with the nearest mean.

A cluster refers to a collection of data points aggregated together because of certain similarities…

OSPF (Open Short Path First) Routing Protocol implemented using Dijkstra Algorithm

Let’s understand this by understanding the core first.

Routing Information Protocol (RIP)

It is one of the oldest distance-vector routing protocols that uses hop count as a routing metric to find the best path between the source and the destination network. Hop count is the number of routers occurring in between the source and destination network. RIP prevents routing loops by limiting the number of hops allowed in a path from source and destination. In a vector routing protocol, the routers exchange network reachability information with their nearest neighbors…

MongoDB is an open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program. It is one of the leading NoSQL databases. It is famous because it provides high performance, high availability, and easy scalability. It stores data in JSON-like documents. JSON is JavaScript Object Notation, a type of notation that stores data in key-value format.

Everything about JavaScript & its Industry use-cases

JavaScript is a lightweight, open-source and cross-platform programming. It is designed for creating network-centric applications. It is complementary to and integrated with Java. It is used to add interactivity to a website. Examples can be taken of games or in the behavior of responses when buttons are pressed or with data entry on forms, with dynamic styling, with animation. In essence, it can be said that javascript adds functionality or dynamic nature to a website. Its usage has now extended to mobile app development, desktop app development, and game development. …

Task Description

  • Create an image by yourself Using Python Code.
  • Take 2 images, crop some parts of both images, and swap them.
  • Take 2 images and combine them to form a single image.

We will be using the cv2 library of python which is the Computer Vision library. It is the huge open-source library for computer vision, machine learning, and image processing and now it plays a major role in real-time operation which is very important in today’s systems and it supports various languages, the default color order is BGR i.e Blue Green Red.


Pip install opencv-python

OpenCV can…

What is Jenkins?

Jenkins is a self-contained, open-source automation server that is written in Java and contains a rich source library of plugins for Continuous Integration purposes. It is used to automate all sorts of tasks related to building, testing, and delivering or deploying software. Jenkins can be installed through native system packages, Docker, or even run standalone by any machine with a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. It is a server-based application and thus requires a web server like Apache Tomcat. The reason Jenkins became so popular is that of its monitoring of repeated tasks that arise during the development of a…

Predictive modeling is a technique or a mathematical process that helps to predict future possibilities by studying and analyzing historical data and understanding the patterns. It includes various steps like data collection, feature selection, pre-processing, data wrangling, model evaluation, and model creation. Data wrangling can be defined as converting raw data by cleaning, structuring, etc into the desired format which provides ease in the decision-making power of a model. Model evaluation is one of the parts of the model development lifecycle which aims to decide whether the model performs effectively. Therefore, it becomes critical to consider the model outcomes according…

When it comes to data, few companies have to store a gigantic amount of data on their servers like Google. Estimation, Google could be storing data up to 15 exabytes on their servers. That’s 15 million terabytes of data which would be the equivalent of data stored in 30 million personal computers.

Google’s Mesa is a data warehousing environment that powers much of the Google ecosystem. To capture and render content at high speeds, Google might collect far more personal data about its users than you might even realize. Google accounts will automatically delete its private data after every 18…

Hello Folks!

I am writing this blog in response to the task given to us which contain various steps:

🔅 Launch a container on docker in GUI mode

🔅 Run any GUI software on the container

I am doing this on the top of a virtual machine. First we will configure the docker file to use it for the installation of docker. Create a docker.repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d with the following code.




After the successful configuration of the docker file, it can be downloaded with the command.

Yum install docker-ce — nobest

Hello Folks!

I am writing this blog in response to the task given to us which contain various steps:

👉 Pull the Docker container image of CentOS image from DockerHub and create a new container

👉 Install the Python software on the top of the docker container

👉 In Container you need to copy/create a machine learning model which you have created in jupyter notebook

I am doing this on the top of AWS cloud

The first step is Installing docker, which can be done with the help of the following command

yum install docker-ce


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